I empower women with cancer

 By helping them change their mindset surrounding their diagnosis

What is a C.H.A.M.P? 

A CHAMP is a "Cancer Hero Adapting a Mindset Practice"

 In this 7-day program you will
set the foundation for the emotional aspect of your healing with five basic principles

  • Change the overall energy of the situation and recognizing the power of your thoughts and emotions
  • Feel Empowered instead of feeling like a helpless victim of circumstance
  • Shift your perspective so you're not living life from a place of fear
  • Find balance and clarity, and even a little bit of peace
  • Deepen your mindfulness practice

Not just another positive thinking course

Cancer can be a deep dark place with lots of associated emotions and all the feelings you may be feeling about it are valid. I'm not going to pretend that cancer doesn't suck but the point of this is to limit the amount of emotional suck this journey has on you. Whether you're new to mindfulness or a seasoned guru, this program has something for you because it's written from the unique perspective of a person who has been through what you are going through.

What people are saying:

"Dr. Christina and I met through the fortunate circumstance of both being chiropractors, both having the same cancer and even both having lymphedema in only one leg. It may be surprising that I used the word fortunate in relation to cancer, but that is how I've come to view it. This view was fostered in part through my participation in Christina's "Cancer Mindset Reset" program. 

Christina's program and friendship, which has included a good dose of mentorship, have helped me to regain trust in my body, calm my anxiety and look forward to the future. If you are in any way struggling with your cancer diagnosis and how it has impacted your mental health, then Dr. Christina's program is exactly what you need to thrive as a survivor."
~Dr. Jen xo                

About the creator...
I'm Dr. Christina Alba, The Cancer Mindset Doc

I'm a chiropractor in Southwest Virginia who recently had my own personal experience with advanced cervical cancer through which I embarked on the journey of working to overcome my fear of cancer, and more specifically my fear of cancer TREATMENT itself. 

There is undoubtedly a strong mind-body connection which makes mindset a crucial component of an effective cancer treatment approach. 

I created C.H.A.M.P. to support my mission of connecting with and empowering other women with cancer. I'm very excited and humbled by the opportunity to do this important work. 
   Copyright Dr. Christina Alba, The Cancer Mindset Doc