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I help cancer patients reconcile cancer treatment with a wholistic lifestyle

If you are a cancer patient, chances are you...

  • Don't understand how to prepare your physical body for the cancer treatment experience
  • Aren't fully aware of the side effects of treatment or simple, non-toxic ways to manage them
  • Feel pretty victimized and powerless over your situation

In my free class we will explore

How to reconcile cancer treatment with your natural lifestyle

the main problems cancer patients face and what to do about them

the three main pillars I used during my cancer treatment 

 how to recover your physical and mental body AFTER cancer treatment

About the creator...
I'm Dr. Christina Alba, The Cancer Mindset Doc

I'm a chiropractor in Southwest Virginia who recently had my own personal experience with advanced cervical cancer. 

As a holistic-minded health practitioner the decision to undergo conventional treatment wasn't an easy one. I had to find a way to reconcile the treatment my body needed with my wholistic mindset and lifestyle. 

Now I am here to serve other like-minded patients who find themselves facing cancer treatment.  I share the ways I naturally supported my body during treatment that limited the impact of the treatment and it's side effects! 

 Live a Life You Love , especially during cancer treatment! 


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